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Who's right for cmp certification?

If you are thinking about becoming a certified meeting professional and can say yes to at least two of these, you are ready!

 ïƒ¼ You want big results in 90 days

 ïƒ¼ You took the exam and didn't pass

 You're willing to put in the work if shown exactly what to do

 You know you have to start believing in yourself and putting yourself first

 You're willing to get outside of your comfort zone and do what it takes

I see you, and I've got you!

I will give you the tools, inspiration, and confidence to move forward one small step at a time. In 90 days, you will be ready!

"I had a rough start with my CMP experience. I studied on my own and failed my first exam. I was extremely hesitant to seek extra help but I'm so glad I did. Tanya is so knowledgeable in each domain of the CMP. The courses and practice exams helped guide me through a better learning experience in a fun, enjoyable way. Tanya genuinely cares about you and your success. She is very responsive, professional and a great cheerleader! I was able to easily schedule meetings with her when I felt I needed to seek advice or ask questions. After going through both experiences, I really think it’s difficult to prepare on your own and I highly recommend Meetings Together with Tanya to prepare for the CMP exam."

Lisa Fagioli

"I am forever thankful I found this CMP study program! After being in a different study group, I didn't feel like I was really grasping concepts or fully understanding everything from the book. This program was exactly what I needed. Tanya breaks down all of the terms, skills, concepts and everything in between to make sure you are understanding the basics so you can apply them. She's always accessible if you have any questions or need more explanation."

Jessica Williams

"When COVID hit, I lost my job. I decided that this was the time to invest in my future and study for the CMP exam. Luckily, I came across a LinkedIn post from Tanya Roof promoting Pathway to Passing. I thought, now this is the coach for me! Enthusiastic, hard-charging and positive in every way – Tanya Roof and her very thorough coursework was exactly what I needed to stay motivated and get to the end of my CMP journey. After completing the course, I sat for the exam and passed! Although I had many doubts about my readiness, Tanya was always there cheering me on! I highly recommend Pathway to Passing for anyone who is thinking about earning their CMP!"

Cheryl Floros

You got this!

I say this a lot, but it's true. As adults, we aren't reminded that we can do hard things.  We doubt ourselves too much and end up listening to the voice in our heads instead of the voice in our hearts. 

If you have been in events for more than 3 years and want to become a CMP, you owe it to yourself to take action and start putting yourself and your dreams first. 

I have experienced firsthand what it's like to doubt myself or put others first. Becoming a CMP has transformed my life and given me the confidence to know that I'm smart enough to pass an exam known for being very hard to pass. It's my badge of honor, and I want that for you too.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I guarantee that becoming a CMP will not only change the way you plan meetings; it will change who you are as a person.

I can't wait to celebrate with you!

Tanya Roof, CMP, CASE

Meeting planner certification starts here

If you want to earn your cmp designation, then you need a plan to get your cmp certificate

  • Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll

    • Weekly lessons on exactly what to review
    • Virtual pre-recorded videos to view on your schedule
    • The 25 clock-hours of education for the CMP application
    • You pick the 5 days a week you will study
    • Printable PowerPoint presentations 
    • Deep-dive into formulas on the exam
    • Practice exams and quizzes
    • Goal setting & time management
    • Tips on how to learn and study
    • Guidance on when and how to apply
    • Lifetime access to all materials and CE hours to recertify


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cmp certification and becoming a certified meeting planner

This course gives you all the cmp study materials you need for your cmp prep. These cmp classes include cmp practice exams and more.

Certified meeting planner or certified meeting professional

Here are some other questions asked by students before they signed up for my cmp classes

Here are two books the EIC recommends using to study.

I base my PowerPoints off of the EIC 9th Edition so that is the only book required to follow along.

There's an optional course binder with PowerPoints and some swag that you will be offered at checkout.



90 days

If you can commit to 90 minutes a day, for 5 days a week, you will have finished studying in less than 90 days.


Yes! You can get started right away. In the welcome email, I will show you exactly how to navigate the system and exactly what to study each week. 

When studying the material in smaller bite-sized pieces, you are less likely to feel overwhelmed, and you will retain more information. 

You are never behind. You will always have access to the materials, so log in and view them when your schedule allows.

I have broken down the course into 13 weeks and tell you exactly what to cover each week. If you don't complete everything in the week you are on, you can time block to add it into the next week.

Sure, the more perspectives, the better. Everyone teaches concepts differently. I try and make this as digestible and relatable as possible for all learning styles. 

Yes! This program offers the best value and personal attention for someone going through this process.

You will have lifetime access to these recordings and can follow along as often and as many times as you need.

When you commit financially to something, you show up differently and are more invested in the process. 

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Once I teach you how to time block your day and set your environment up for success, you will be amazed at how being intentional with your time makes all the difference.  You only need 90 minutes a day, for 5 days a week.

To be eligible to the CMP exam, your application must include proof of EXPERIENCE and EDUCATION.


Option 1: 3 years of experience

  • Thirty six (36) total months of full-time work experience in the meeting, event, exhibition, hospitality and tourism industry. The 36 months must have taken place in the past five years, but they do not have to be consecutive months
  • A resume or CV with your application. The experience you list on your resume should demonstrate meeting management responsibilities or your role in contributing to the planning, execution and results of meetings.  

Option 2: 2 years of experience and an industry degree

  • Associates’s degree (or higher) in the hospitality/tourism/event management field; and
  • A resume or CV with your application. The experience you include on your resume should demonstrate meeting management responsibilities or your role in contributing to the planning, execution and results of meetings
  • Both the degree and the 24 months of experience must have taken place in the past five years but they do not have to be consecutive months.

Option 3: 3 years as an educational instructor

  • Full-time instructor of meeting, event, exhibition, hospitality or tourism management at an educational institution or university program; and
  • 36 months of full-time experience in academia; and
  • Official course outline and syllabus that proves full-time teaching at an educational institution or university program.


  • Once you have gone through the entire course, you will have earned the 25 credit hours needed to apply and fulfilled the education requirement.


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Your cmp certification can be easy and fun

Even though the reasons to become a cmp are apparent, the path to doing it alone and successfully is not as simple.

Even with the best intentions, most people end up paralyzed along the way, allowing themselves to abandon the process. They fall victim to the time commitment and do too much at once or cram right before the exam because they kept putting off studying.

Even if you started the process but never finished or didn't pass the exam before, it's not a YOU problem; it was a PROCESS problem. I have your back this time, and I will help you along the way.

If you're ready to finally go after your dream to become a CMP once and for all, then I invite you to join my 90s party!

90-days or less to your cmp designation

I'll take you behind the scenes and show you exactly how & why this program works and even talk about cmp exams


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90-days to CMP

In this 18 min video, I'll show you how & why this program works!