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7-day success blueprint to becoming a cmp

Virtual cmp course that is all online and based on your schedule! Be ready for cmp certification and pass the cmp exam

Are you about to take the cmp exam but still nervous you might not pass?

Do you wish there was a quick 7-day course that would highlight all the info in your EIC 9th Edition book? Want to hear from a recent CMP that breaks things down into easy to understand terms? Do you want me to stop asking you questions and get to this magical course?

You are right for Expressway to Passing if this sounds like you:

  1. You're finished studying for the CMP Exam and still don't feel ready.
  2. You have taken the Exam before and didn't pass.
  3. You have already been through an MPI class but haven't yet taken the Exam.
  4. You're already studying but trying to find the courage to schedule the Exam.
  5. You feel worried that you haven't taken a test in years and don't know how to study.
  6. You just can't get enough of practice quizzes and key terms quizzes!

When I took the CMP exam back in 2016, I felt alone and overwhelmed trying to learn everything on my own. I joined a study group through MPI but still felt like I needed something more. Since I travel for work, I missed a few in-person sessions and wished there was an affordable online resource to help bridge the gap so I didn't feel behind.

I was inspired to create something for you where you would feel confident and know that you are studying all the right material on your time, your schedule, and in a fun and easy-to-understand way.

Now, I'm dedicated to helping you through this process so you never have to feel alone, overwhelmed, or like you aren't smart enough to pass the exam.


Imagine feeling confident and ready to pass!

Even though the reasons to become a CMP are apparent, the path to doing it successfully is not as simple. Even with the best intentions, most would-be CMP's end up abandoning the process and get paralyzed along the way allowing themselves to become overwhelmed and stuck. If you felt confident and ready to pass, there would be nothing holding you back and you could become a CMP as early as tomorrow!

Introducing Expressway to Passing 

It's the ONLY program of its kind that offers...

       A virtual learning environment focused on laying your foundation

Personalized study time frame based on your schedule

Learning from your desktop or on the go with a mobile app

Materials presented for different learning styles 

Tells you exactly what to study and for how long

How do the days break down?

Days 1-3 we will go over Domains A-F. In as little as 2 hours a day!


Days 4-7 we will go over Domains G-I as well as one full day to focus on nothing but formulas! 

"It’s a very difficult exam, it’s overwhelming studying on your own so I joined a course to give me the framework I needed and I can honestly say, I wouldn’t have gotten a passing score without it. I am confident in the results of the Meetings Together course. It gave me the confidence I needed and it helped me achieve my certification."

Jeysa Plana, CMP
Director Of Conference Services at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you still might have before enrolling in Expressway to Passing

This course is set up to cover all 9 Domains in 7-days, 2 hours a day. If you don't have 2 hours a day, you can focus on 1 hour a day, for 14 days.

Yes! Each module is broken down by day. I tell you exactly what module to focus on and how long to review the information each day. 


No, you probably already have the books that the EIC recommends. There are no additional books to purchase for this course. There is a course binder available for purchase and mailed right to your door if you would like the powerpoints printed and organized for you. 

Yes! I have researched similar offerings ranging from $399 to $750 for 9 Domain course learning and one to two DAY crash course Bootcamps ranging from $95-$600, per Bootcamp, not including hotel and travel costs. The in-person live boot camps can't be repeated, and you can't push pause on a live course! 

To be eligible to the CMP exam, your application must include proof of EXPERIENCE and EDUCATION.


Option 1: 3 years of experience

  • Thirty six (36) total months of full-time work experience in the meeting, event, exhibition, hospitality and tourism industry. The 36 months must have taken place in the past five years, but they do not have to be consecutive months
  • A resume or CV with your application. The experience you list on your resume should demonstrate meeting management responsibilities or your role in contributing to the planning, execution and results of meetings.  

Option 2: 2 years of experience and an industry degree

  • Associates’s degree (or higher) in the hospitality/tourism/event management field; and
  • A resume or CV with your application. The experience you include on your resume should demonstrate meeting management responsibilities or your role in contributing to the planning, execution and results of meetings
  • Both the degree and the 24 months of experience must have taken place in the past five years but they do not have to be consecutive months.

Option 3: 3 years as an educational instructor

  • Full-time instructor of meeting, event, exhibition, hospitality or tourism management at an educational institution or university program; and
  • 36 months of full-time experience in academia; and
  • Official course outline and syllabus that proves full-time teaching at an educational institution or university program.


  • You will receive your educational hours as you complete each Domain. Once you have gone through the entire course, you will have earned the 25 credit hours needed to apply.


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I want everyone to know how to become a CMP.

You can accomplish great things if you are on the right path and believe that you can do it. If you feel you are ready to level up your career then say yes. Say yes to investing in your future. Say yes to being part of something that you have put hard work into and accomplished. If you are ready, then I will show you the way. 

I'm ready to pass and become a CMP

You got this!

I say this a lot, but it's true. When we become adults, we don't get that much support or reminders that we can do hard things.  We doubt ourselves way too much and end up listening to the doubting voice in our head instead of the voice in our heart. I'm rooting for you, and if you can keep the focus and keep on the path, it will lead to amazing results.

Becoming a CMP has transformed my life and given me the confidence to know that my clients are getting the BEST when working with me. It also showed me that I was smart enough to pass an exam known for being very hard to pass the first time taking it. It's my badge of honor, and I want that for you too.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I guarantee that finally becoming a CMP will not only change the way you plan meetings, it will change who you are as a person.

Let's go on this journey together, and I will help you take that one small step to move you forward towards the best version of you!

I can't wait to celebrate with you!

Tanya Roof, CMP, CASE

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